HandyPick Hits Over 300,000 Downloads

We are happy to announce that HandyPick has recorded over 300,000 downloads.

It took only two months after launching. According to Google Analytics, more than 420,000 users signed up from 193 countries, and it has 360,000 monthly active users, 120,000 weekly active users, and 20,000 daily active users (88,000 the most).

HandyPick has 11 global ambassadors who take care of feedback, customer service and promotion in their countries. So the users can easily communicate with HandyPick in their languages.

HandyPick is an application that predicts the digital assets’ prices and distributes the rewards. It has four games: Coffee, Paycheck, Daily and 1000 Handy. HandyPick also provides some events such as Sign-up, Referral and Trending posts so the users can get rewards in many different ways. The users are also able to enjoy the app more through the crypto market information, news, community service and so on.

HandyPick also tries to develop and provide more services as it gets more popular. We currently have four different language services, Korean, English, Indonesian and Chinese, and expect to have more soon. Also in Q2, we expect to cooperate with FLETA by using their wallet, which can help the users to transfer and manage their Handy easily and more conveniently.

We will try to develop more content and offer more services so the users can enjoy more fun and variously.


About Handy

Handy provides a prediction game platform HandyPick that offers Handy tokens as a reward to the winners. Users can sign in and play games freely. HandyPick’s essential data, such as user participation, winners, and rewards distribution, are recorded on the blockchain in real-time for the platform’s credibility. HandyPick is the first on-boarding DApp of FLETA and secures our data with the outstanding performance of FLETA’s chain.

Feel free to join and connect with us through any of our official channels below:

Website: https://handypick.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HandyProject

Telegram: https://t.me/HandyOfficialGroup

Blockchain-based Prediction Game Platform. First on-boarding DApp of FLETA (https://handypick.io/)